386 Prozessor Boards


The SerialDrive (SD) is a board designed for projects requiring mass serial communication capabilities. It is a C/C++ programmable embedded controller based on the Intel 386EX, and integrates up to 11 channels of RS232/485 serial ports, as well as a synchronous serial port, and an Ethernet port. In order to support high-speed communications, the SD is also available with an optional 64 MHz clock, double the default 32 MHz. The serial ports are handled via DMA or deep FIFO (64 bytes), able to handle very high loads without losing any data.

i386-Engine P/M/L

The i386-Engine (IE) is a 32-bit microprocessor core module based on the 33 MHz Intel386EX. It is designed for embedded systems that require high performance, PC-compatibility, compactness, low power consumption, and high reliability at a low cost. The i386-Engine is not only easy to program in C/C++, but also offers PC-compatibility, and thus a vast software library. Whether you use it as the processor core component of an OEM product, as part of a smart sensor, or as a node in a distributed microprocessor system, building your product around the i386-Engine will reduce development time and costs, minimize technical risks, and allow you to deliver a more reliable end product.


The i386-Drive (ID) is a compact, low-cost, high performance controller based on the 33 MHz, 32-bit Intel 386EX It combines the powerful i386EX CPU and numerous peripherals on a single PCB measuring 4.7 by 4.5 inches. It can be used in numerous industrial or data acquisition applications.